Promo Silk Air Great City Escape Promo
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Silk Air Great City Escape Promo

Fly More Pay Less!

Periode Pemesanan
28 Des 2016 - 13 Jan 2017
Periode Perjalanan
1 Feb 2017 s/d 1 July 2017
Valid pada

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from: Indonesia (ex-KNO/BDO/BPN/SRG/JOG/PKU/LOP/PLM)

Singapore PP start from Rp 114.000 ++

Syarat dan Ketentuan

Terms and Conditions: Fly to Singapore
1. Blackout Date 17-28 Juni 2017 (high season Lebaran)
2. Minimum stay 1 day
3. Maximum stay up to 14 days.
4. No refund, no changing name, no waitlist, and no redemption upgrade to first/business class
5. Reissue and flight/ date change permitted by selling to higher booking class
6. No valid for child
7. Minimum booking 2 pax


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