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User guide to book Flights on


    Click on Flight tab, select departure city and destination by entering city name, click on calendar to select your travel date​'s,​ select the number of passengers​, preferred flight if any​ & click 'Search'.


    Wait for search result to load. Compare available airfares sort​ed​ by cheapest price. Click on ​desired ​ flight ​you wish to confirm.
    ​If you would like to modify the flight search click on "Modify ​Search​" button and enter the new flight details​.


    Check and confirm your flight details and Click on 'Book' ​button ​ ​to proceed with the booking.


    Fill in passenger information with correct date of birth, passport number and passport expiry date ​as per the Passport.


    Click on Issue Ticket button,​ Complete payment with your preferred ​payment mode i.e, Credit Card, Direct debit or ATM and click​ on​ 'Pay now' to​ confirm the payment .


    ​Once the payment is Charged Successfully a confirmation page will appear to confirm your booking was successful​ and you will receive an E-ticket copy to your provided mail id​ .